Topic- Networking : a brief concept concept


A networking is a collection of computer and devices connected by communication channels that allows user to share the data, information, hardware and software with other users. Individual and Organization connect each other for variety of reason like to share the data from hardware, software and share of some information.

Why need the Networking ?

Hardware sharing:  In network environment, each computer on a network can access and use hardware. For example, suppose there are a number of special computer on a network and each requires the uses of a laser Printer. If the personal computer and the laser printer are connected into a network, each personal computer user can access the laser printer over the internet over the network as he or she needs it.

Data and information Share : In a networked environment, any authorized user can use a computer on a network to access data and information stored on other computers. In the network.

Software sharing: With software sharing, frequently used software is stored on a server’s hard disk so that multiple user on the network can access to the software.

Facilitated communications: Using a network, people can communicate efficiently and easily via e-mail, instant messages, chat rooms, telephony, video- conferencing, E-mail messaging usually are delivered almost instantaneously. Sometime these communication occurs within  business’s network.

Network exist in a range of sizes, from a small network to a large network. For a small network connecting two people from globally via computer.

Types of Network

  1. Local Area Network : – A computer that physically links two or more computers are called Local Area Network or LAN.
  2. Metropolitan Area Network:- MAN or Metropolitan Area Network is a high-speed network that can carry voice, data, and images at the speed of 200 Mbps(Mega Bite per Seconds).
  3. Wide Area Network: Wide Area Network or WAN is a computer network that is distinguish from a Local Area Network or LAN of its Longer Distance connection or communication.
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